Amber & Honey

Let’s just start by saying that one of the most important things about the Amber and Honey Design Company is that we aren’t your ordinary interior decor and staging company. The reason it even came about was because we noticed that there was a stigma attached to interior designers and decorators that needed to be corrected.

Amber and Honey is a place to find help for your home from people that you should feel comfortable with. We understand that most of you don’t want or need a full design renovation, and perhaps just want simple advice. This is why we offer so many different services and we allow you to choose what works best for you. We are nothing if not flexible. Meet some of the fine ladies involved below.



Rhiannon Gillis

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About Rhiannon

Hey guys, I’m Rhiannon. I am the owner and lead decorator for Amber and Honey. I stumbled into interior design after becoming a bit too obsessive with the show ‘Trading Spaces’. Do you remember it? Please say that you do. Eventually I was lucky enough after finishing school to have the opportunity to work for a wide variety of commercial and hospitality firms, and I learned a lot. Mostly, I learned that I’d much rather work with an individual or a family on their home one on one. I have my own family and it has changed me for the better. I mean I do like them a lot. I also like winning at board games, eating donuts and not feeling bad about it.



Elana Sadler


About Elana

In short, I have worked in the arts in one form or another for all of my adult life. There is something about print and pattern, textiles and color that has always captivated me. I’ve been a fashion designer for the past ten plus years and after starting a family, have become interested in learning about interior design, home décor and how to put it all together! I have redefined myself many times, so perhaps I’m a serial re-inventor. I feel really passionate about what I am doing now.....meeting new people, learning how to make a space beautiful and creating their most desired environment. Staging and Interior Design feels like we are painting with objects! Every day brings a new palette on which to put color, texture and form!


Design and staging installer

Michelle Hall


About Michelle

Michelle is a Los Angeles based interior decorator working in Film, Commercial and Residential properties. She has a wide variety of skills and this is why we love her. Well, one of the reasons. She helps with all installations for our Design and Staging Projects. She has saved us a number of times and trust me you will be relived when you see her join us to help install your homes decor. Let us know if you want help from Michelle or want to work with her directly, we can make it happen.


Lead Organizer

Alexina Vick


About Alexina

In addition to being part of our Amber and Honey team, Alexina has her own organization business ‘Simplified LA’. She discovered her skills with organizing simply by being challenged to do so. In the process she discovered she has a gift for organizing that most of us just don’t have. We are lucky enough to now have her help us better serve you. She does everything from a simple clean out of your kitchen, to a full blown purge of your closet or home. The best part, if its something you’ve been putting off Alexina takes over and just gets it done. What we’re saying is, she’s GREAT!